Climbing in and out of a tub and shower can be a daunting task for those with limited mobility. To keep you or your loved ones safe, having a walk-in tub installed can drastically reduce the chance of injury. 

walk-in tub is a hybrid between a shower and a tub, which gives you the ability to simply walk into your tub instead of climbing into it, as you would with a traditional model. These step-in tubs feature easy-to-use seating to reduce the chances of slips, trips, and falls, and are highly recommended as the safest alternative to traditional bathing and showering.

At Miller Home Renovations, we’re the Tualatin, Oregon area experts in bathroom remodeling and walk-in tub installations. Our team of design and installation professionals specialize in creating safer, more accessible bathrooms for our customers, and can help you choose the perfect walk-in tubs for your household.

If you’re currently in the market for a more accessible bathing experienceyou’re in the right place. Take a look at our quick guide to choosing the right walk-in tub for your household needs, brought to you by our expert contractors at Miller Home Renovations.

Research Walk-In Tubs for Ideas

The first step in finding a walk-in tub is researching different types of modelsincluding their varying features, and the benefits of each tub. Walk-in tubs are available with a wide variety of options that make them versatile for anyone with limited mobility. Knowing the different configurations that step-in tubs can come with will give you a better idea of features you may want and need.

At Miller Home Renovations, our tubs are designed for quality and safety and can be customized with a range of luxurious features and additional optionsLook for walk-in tub companies like Miller Home Renovations that customize their products, and keep an eye out for features such as:

  • Hydrotherapy Jets: For a truly spa-like experience, choose walk-in tub models that offer high-pressure jet systems for unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

  • ADA-Compliant AccessoriesWith specialized seating, grab bars, and low-level controls and shelving, ADA-compliant walk-in tubs are designed to make bathing a possibility for everyone in your household.

  • Handheld Shower Fixtures: Convenient showerheads designed for effective and effortless bathing.

  • Fast DrainingOur walk-in tubs drain quickly to make exiting the bathtub fast and easy.

  • Custom Designs and Surrounds: Choose the style that best suits your home and bathroom’s existing décor for a look you’ll love admiring.

Set Your Budget

Walk-in tub prices will vary depending on the style, accessories, features, and the contracting company you choose to install it for youThat’s why it’s important to look for companies that customize step-in tubs the way you wantnot only for style and function but also according to your finances

At Miller Home Renovations, our expert designers will consider your budget and ensure that you are getting the most for your money. You’ll also know you’re getting the best value for the price you pay for your walk-in tub, as we are dedicated to providing only the best quality products from industry-leading manufacturers.

Seek Advice From Professional Design Experts

Once you’ve researched the options and set a budget, you can begin comparing bathtub models and companies to find the best price on your ideal walk-in tubYour best bet is to find remodeling companies that offer personalized design consultations and pricing estimates, like the ones we provide at Miller Home Renovations.

At Miller Home Renovations, our team of design experts and contractors will visit you in your home to discuss your needs for a walk-in tub. Once we’ve understood what you’re looking for and looked at the space you’re thinking of renovating; we’ll go over plans to create a perfect model that suits your exact needs, tastes, and finances.We’ll also go over other accessible bathing options that you may want to consider, like roll-in showers, barrier-free showers, walk-in showers, and step-in inserts. Our vast inventory includes a massive selection of ADA-compliant solutions for making any bathroom more accessible, at affordable prices that will match any budget.

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