Bathroom with corner shower

They say less is more. And these days, people are choosing smaller homes with more functional design aspects. And this includes your bathroom. However, with a smaller space than you may be used to, it might be difficult to understand how to properly optimize and make the most of your area.

That's why in this blog, we'll discuss a few innovative ways that you can create a functional bathtub or shower with a small space. But before we do that, we thought you might want to know more about us.

Since 2008, Miller Home Renovations has been the most trusted bathtub and shower remodel company in Portland, offering a wide range of solutions. From this, we've earned awards and accolades like an A+ rating from the BBB, affiliation with the National Association of Home Remodelers, and so much more.

Walk-In Shower Installation

In previous years, walk-in showers were typically viewed as a solution only for those with limited mobility concerns—however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Not only are walk-in showers stylish and sleek, but they are the perfect way to reduce the footprint in your bathroom and open up the space to feel less crowded.

Shower Shelving

Instead of keeping your shelving outside of the shower in an area that takes up space, consider adding it to the inside of your shower. This is a great way to keep the remaining area of your bathroom open.

Shower Surrounds

While shower wall surrounds won't actually make your space any bigger, they'll add a stylistic feature that's present in larger bathrooms, making your space feel as if it's bigger than it actually is. Select from a wide range of shower wall surrounds to find the perfect style for your home.

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