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Great service.

Ken Miller will do whatever it takes to make you happy with his product (shower in this case). I was very impressed with his concerns. The shower is just what they promise.

Miller Home Renovations

Gayle, Thank you first of all for letting us know you had a concern about your new shower installation we had recently completed. We strive for perfection but when we fall short I want and need to know so we can correct the issue right away. We appreciate the opportunity to deliver the type of servi...

Extraordinary customer service

Three years ago we were blessed with 2 new accessible showers. Recently there was a small issue with shower door caulk. Within a week of contacting Ken, he followed up and the issue was taken care of. It’s amazing to find a company with such quick response to their customers, three years later! They truly stand behind their work! Thank you!

A great job from start to finish!

At the Portland Home and Garden show this last fall, we talked to Miller Home Renovations (Bath Planet) and a few others. We decided to have Millers come out and give us a quote because of the displays had what we wanted and also they could do a remodel. The others could not. John came out and gave us a quote for one bathroom. Compared to cost of my Mom's remodel of JUST a Jaczzi walk in shower, we had two bathrooms remodeled for the same price. Our remodel consisted of 1st bathroom a new walkin shower, toilet, vanity top and faucet, floor and replace vent. The 2nd was a new walkin shower, toilet, floor and replace vent. The first of the year they came our to do our install. Larenzo came in and tore out the tub and lined the and prepped the wall and base of the two bathrooms. Allen, Bob and Shane followed him and started the rest of the tear dowm. They worked in the main bathroom first. leaving the second bathroom intact without the bathtub so that we still had a bathroom to use. We were only with out a shower for two days but still could use the bathrooms. Two and one half days later we had our bathrooms done. The crew was very informative of what was happening as they went along. Cleaned up after themselves. We were impressed with every aspect of the install and sales. We really love our bathrooms now! Wish we had done this years ago. THANKS

Red floor and all

The two man crew (Allan and Bob) arrived right on time all ready to work. They were careful to cover hallway and stairs with canvas so there would be no dust or stains. They quickly decided how to do the job and went to work. The old shower/bath went out and t he new went in. The old vanity went out. The old yellowish floor covering went out and the new (red) floor cover went in, then the new vanity with new counter top. A drawer of the new vanity was too close to the cold water turn-off so Allen made an adjustment so the drawer would close properly. When finished, they cleaned everything, including vacuuming the hall and stairs. It looks great. It works great. We had been scheduled for 2 1/2 days - they completed the job in two days. We are so pleased with the work that we are already planning to ask the same two men to work on a kitchen do-over..

Miller Home Renovations

Kathleen, Thank you for the great review. We are so happy that your project went smoothly, excited to hear how well our crew performed. We look forward to helping you with kitchen make over. Ken Miller

Great employees,quality work,exellent results

We are exceptionally pleased with the service we received from Bob and Howard of Miller Home Reno/Bath Planet. They were on time and did a great job of replacing our bath tub with a new shower.The shower is just beautiful and we have gotten compliments from friends on the appearance and quality of the work.The whole replacement to one day!!! Called back today because the showers seemed to drain slowly Howard and Bob located and fixed the problem even though the problem was not related to the installation.They went out of their way to resolve the problem which was much appreciated. Great employees, quality work, excellent results, above and beyond service. THANK YOU!!!!

Miller Home Renovations

Mike and Kim thank you so much for the great review. I am pleased that we could help you out with some old plumbing issues not related to our project so everything works like it should. Our goal at Miller Home Renovations' is to under promise and over deliver. Glad we kept our word!

Excellent installers

I was amazed with the speed and quality of the job done by the man and his assistant who installed a shower in my bathroom.

Miller Home Renovations

Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we did. It was a pleasure helping you, if we can be of further service please let us know. Ken Miller

Good service

The employees did a great job and did everything I asked. Also offered suggestion I had not thought of. Only complaint. I ordered a rain shower and got a clear one. New owners have already moved in so I didn't change it

Miller Home Renovations

Mr. Roth, glad you are happy with project and our staff. Sorry to hear about the door, if you wish to have the glass changed please let me know and we will take care of it for you. Thank you, Ken Miller

Long Term Satisfaction

Comment: We had a bathroom remodel completed through Miller Home Renovations (Bath Planet) about 3 years ago. I decided to review them at this point because you do not usually see reviews for something that was done that long ago. The bathroom remodel has withstood 3 years of use and it still looks like new. John Richie did everything he and the company promised to do. Recently I had the opportunity to test their customer service to an old customer. We are now getting a shower door installed and need to patch 6 small holes where the curtain rod is attached to the wall. I asked for a small favor (a small amount of caulk that matched our shower) that most companies would have charged for and they came through. Enough caulk was delivered to my door 2 days later at No Charge. I really was not expecting that after 3 years. When we purchased the bathroom replacement, they told us (at that time) if we ever needed anything at any time in the future, please call them. Needless to say we are totally satisfied with the quality of the job, the service from the company and thanks to John for the favor. We absolutely know that if we EVER had a problem, it would be taken care of. From a 100% satisfied customer.

Great company to work with!

I couldn't have been happier with my experience working with Miller Home Renovations. The owner and the entire company was very professional and amazing to work with. I would recommend them to anyone!

Results were more than hoped for!

I am a retired Disabled Veteran (USAF). For over 3 years, I have been in contact with this company. Wanting to get my bathroom done, I never seemed to have enough to cover the cost of having my bathroom done. Every so often, I would get a nice call, no pressure; to see if I was ready to make my dream a reality. Finally, I said come over, let's see if this can happen. I went over the need/want list (a deep tub was my need for chronic pain). Everything was drawn up. An application for home improvement was approved (hurray), however, not enough to fully cover this dream. We talked, Ken Miller was very kind and we worked out a way for me to have my dream bathtub. Workmanship was excellent. And, even a faulty shower-head was quickly removed and replaced with one that was even nicer. I can't say enough for the whole Miller Home Renovations - Bath Planet Portland sales, installers, and Ken Miller. Fabulous! Thank you again for this, I can now ease some of my chronic pain more effectively, largely due to a new fabulous bathtub/shower!

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