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McMinnville Tub to Shower Conversion

Most houses have that one room in the house that simply feels too small. When that room happens to be your bathroom, this situation can quickly turn into a major inconvenience. As the most-used room in the house, your bathroom needs to suit you and your family’s lifestyle.

Miller Home Renovations helps homeowners with tub-to-shower conversions. This remodeling service spruces up a cluttered bathroom and makes it feel more open. Maximizing the space in your bathroom is one of the best ways to give your home a mini makeover.

Choose a New Shower That is Your Style

If your home was previously owned, you may find yourself surrounded by a style the former owners loved but you hate. When you sign up for our shower remodeling services, we’ll help you choose a new shower that is just right for you. You’ll have your choice of customizations, including:

  • Color: You can choose from dark, earthy tones and light, airy hues so you can create the look you’ve always wanted for your home.
  • Styles: Whether you prefer a classic tile look or an ultra-modern smooth look, we have a style that fits your preferences, not the last owners of your home.
  • Accessories: Our selection of accessories like grab-bars and door styles helps your shower fit your specific needs. If you have accessibility needs, features like grab-bars can make your shower safer for daily use.

Our Showers are Easier to Clean and Safer to Use

We have options like barrier-free showers that eliminate the extra step that traditional showers have. Taking out this shower pan barrier makes your showering space easier to access, meaning there’s less risk of falls and slips. 

Our shower surfaces are also covered with an antimicrobial acrylic coating, a design that is resistant to potentially harmful mold and mildew. You’ll find that this surface layer also makes cleaning a breeze, as there’s less residue to scrub.

Grab a Precise Quote Today for Your Own Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Choose the McMinnville bathroom remodeling company you can trust. Miller Home Renovation will set you up with a free estimate for your bathroom conversion costs. Since 2008, we’ve helped customers in all types of homes find ways to make their space work for them. Our five-star reviews and recognition by Angie’s List are a testament to our great customer service.

Your brand-new shower is just a phone call away. Contact us today, and get started living in luxury as soon as possible!