Roll In Shower

What do you think of when you hear ‘barrier-free shower’? 

Chances are good that the image that comes to mind is at one of two extremes. You might think that barrier-free showers are only for high-end, hoity-toity hotels and spas. At the other end of the spectrum, you might think of institutional bathrooms with bad lighting, white everything, and stainless-steel grab bars. 

Most people go to one extreme or the other, but the reality is that barrier-free showers are a great way to improve any bathroom.

The Three F’s That Earn Barrier-free Showers an A+

Going barrier-free is a growing trend in bathroom remodeling. No-curb showers offer homeowners a sophisticated feel, limitless design options, improved safety, accessibility, and easier cleaning. 

It’s a great example of “Universal Design”, an approach that values spaces that are accessible to as many people as possible—no matter their age, size, or mobility. 

There are many reasons to consider adding barrier-free showers to your home, but they all fall under one of three main benefits: Form, Function, and Feel.

  1. Form 

    The sophisticated look of a seamless surface is just the tip of the iceberg. A barrier-free shower actually increases your design options because of the way its drainage system functions. 

    Traditional shower floors have to be sloped in four directions to move water to the drain in the center. This kind of system is actually more costly and time-consuming to install, and it forces you to choose small tile. Barrier-free showers use a linear drain which means that you can use any-size tile in your design—helping you to save time and money while getting the look of a luxury spa.

  2. Function 

    Good looks go a long way, but there are also serious advantages to having a wheelchair-accessible shower in your home. If you plan on aging-in-place or anticipate moving an aging parent or mobility-challenged loved one into your home, then roll-in showers are the safest option and a labor-saving upgrade. If you’re not sure how long you’ll stay in your current home, or if you’re sure you’ll be putting it on the market, then consider the benefits of a bathroom that is accessible for everyone when you’re showing the home. 

  3. Feel 

    Barrier-free showers will simply make you feel better—they’re stylish and safe, but they’ll also open-up the flow of your bath space. They make the room feel bigger and cleaner. Uninterrupted lines from wall to wall will make you think that your bathroom magically grew, while fewer joints and seams mean there are less places for crud to hide and less scrubbing needed to keep your bath looking great.

If you’re in the Portland, OR area and want to learn more about renovating your bathroom with a barrier-free shower, call Miller Home Renovations for a free quote. We can help everyone in your family shower in luxury with complete confidence.