Cost of remodeling a bathroom in Portland

Miller Home Renovations has been remodeling bathrooms in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2008. In that time, we’ve heard from plenty of homeowners in various stages of the bath remodel process—some of whom know exactly which type of tub they want (down to the very last faucet!), and some of whom are just getting started.

No matter where homeowners are in the process, they often share the same question: What exactly can I expect from a Portland bath remodel?

In this post, we’re answering that question and more—so read on to get answers from experienced tub installers!

1. What Is the Realistic Cost of a Bath Remodel in Portland?

According to Remodeling Magazine, these are the average prices of a bathroom remodel in the Pacific Northwest in 2019:

  • Mid-Range Bathroom Remodel: $23,548
  • Upscale Bathroom Remodel: $72,734

These figures represent the total cost, but they do not account for costs recouped through increased resale value. This year, Pacific Northwest homeowners have on average recouped 75.3% of the cost of a mid-range remodel and 66.0% of the cost of an upscale renovation.

2. How Can I Save Money on My Bathroom Remodel?

The prices indicated by Remodeling Magazine are based on a full bathroom remodel, including updates to the tub/shower, sink, vanity, toilet, floor, and walls. The upscale bathroom remodel also includes luxury touches like in-floor heating.

If these prices seem outside the bounds of your budget, there are several ways to make your bath remodel more affordable:

  • Narrow the Scope 
    There’s no reason that you have to remodel your entire bathroom. If you’re happy with the flooring and vanity, for instance, consider focusing on just a replacement tub.

  • Shop Around
    Even if their prices generally match Remodeling Magazine’s, don’t just go with the first Portland tub installers you find! By getting quotes from several companies, you’ll be able to find one that’s affordable and reputable. Here at Miller Home Renovations, for example, our prices vastly undercut the average without compromising on quality.

  • Work in Phases
    If you do want a full bath remodel, you can work with your chosen contractors to create an affordable schedule over time. Just be sure to inform your tub installers of your future plans so that you can plan together accordingly.

  • Don't Cut Corners Where It Counts
    One avenue that we (and all licensed and insured professionals) would not recommend is trying to DIY your bath remodel. Unless you are skilled in construction and licensed as a plumber, any costs saved by DIYing now will likely be reversed down the road! In a space as challenging as the bathroom, cutting corners typically leads to repairs at best and full tear-out/replacement at worst.

3. What Does the Bathroom Remodeling Process Look Like?

The exact procedure for your bath remodel in Portland will vary based on the features and contractors you choose. At Miller Home Renovations, the process looks like this:

  1. We come to your home for a free consultation and cost estimate.
  2. We take exact measurements of your space and help you design the perfect replacement tub.
  3. We send your new feature to our manufacturer (located here in the USA) to be custom-fabricated for the perfect fit.
  4. We have our factory-trained installers replace your bath in just one day.
  5. We stand behind our work with exclusive lifetime warranties.

Have more questions about installing a replacement tub in your Portland home? Then get in touch with Miller Home Renovations today! Just give us a call for a quick answer from a friendly professional, or go ahead and sign up for your free bath remodel consultation by sending in our online form now.