When I buy something I bring it home and look at it until I can see myself using it. If I can't see it, I return it to the store. You can and can’t do that with a bathroom remodel because all the elements are too separated and most have to be re-worked to fit into the space. The Bath Planet website was very helpful in the initial visualization process. Thumbs up. Having worked with many contractors (good and bad), I have learned that one element is the most important: skin in the game. This means a physical place of business, preferably with their name on it, and regular employees. Happy employees. Bath Planet run by Ken Miller in Vancouver, WA is just such a place. Another thumb up. The next two important elements: product knowledge and flexibility. Bath Planet specializes in bathrooms. They have a certain set of products that they know well and install on a regular basis. They guarantee their work. They answer their phone and replied to my queries. They adjusted to my changing sense of design (within reason), the inevitable quirks and personal delays, and displayed patience all the while. More thumbs up. Finally, because long reviews can get boring, the fourth element is the execution of the promised job. Bath Planet arrived, carefully protected all areas of traffic and construction, worked with minimal noise, dust and debris — and cleaned up before leaving at the end of each day. They were polite, well-spoken and steady at their job. They could also answer all our questions during the process. Big thumbs up. And now, I have a lovely bathroom and I’ve run out of thumbs — but they’re all up.

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